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               Vitality Juice and Smoothie Bar is the latest addition to a growing health and fitness scene right here in CT.  Vitality is located at 23 Oak Street in Manchester.  Opened a little more than a week ago by Chef Shawn Dickensheets who also owns 21 Oak, a vegetarian vegan restaurant right next door. 

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                21 Oak has been opened for over 2 years and is very successful.  I expect nothing less for Vitality Juice and Smoothie Bar. In his new store Chef Shawn continues his trend of using high quality ingredients sourced locally when possible and adding his expertise to every item they serve. 

                The store is new and clean with nice features like easy to read menus and a list of the ingredients they use and the health benefits of them.  It’s easy to see Shawn’s passion for a plant based diet.  Take the list for example, while you are in line you can learn about the foods you are consuming and how they positively affect you.  That adds a layer of connectivity to your food that you don’t normally get. 

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                When there, I tried the Melon Spritzer- cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, lime and mint.  I also sampled the Beet Power- beet, carrot, celery, cucumber and red apple.  The juices were amazing with rich natural flavor without the overly sweet artificial taste that comes with smoothies made with cheap added syrups.

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                They also serve flavored drinks like Italian sodas, green teas, and lemonades.  They flavor those drinks using Monin flavors with no added artificial colors or flavors.

                It’s hard to keep up with Shawn, when I talked with him he was getting ready for a grand opening, donating smoothies to an organization around the corner that is trying to build and revitalize a neighborhood.  He was also telling me about his upcoming classes that he is teaching for the Manchester Adult and Continuing Education.  He is teaching his Veggie Vibes classes for them.

 If you are in the area, either of Shawn’s places should be on your list to try. 

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