Glastonbury Relay For Life

Today was the Glastonbury Relay For Life 5K.  It was part of the overall Relay For Life event held this weekend at the Riverfront Community Center in Glastonbury.  
    The relay is an organized overnight community fund raising walk where teams involved camp out around a track and continuously have one member at a time walking all night long.  It is a beautiful symbolic message that cancer is ongoing and so are the efforts to fight it.  
    The night before is the luminaria ceremony where candles are lit inside of personalized white paper bags to honor loved ones lost to cancer as well as those who have and are fighting it. 
    This led up to the 5K run event.  At most runs, the event is the story, but not here.  The story or stories today were all the people involved.  There is no way to separate yourself from this.  We have all lost someone to cancer-myself included.  Jan of 2014 I lost two loved ones a week apart and understand the pain involved.
    It was great to see all the groups involved there to support each other and remember.  I was privileged to be with Team Frannie. In honor of Frances Lahr, mother of a great friend of ours Tonia Light. Tonia, with a long family history of cancer decided to start running for her own health. How fitting that her 1st run was a fundraising event to help fight cancer. Frannie passed on 10 years ago after a long off and on fight with cancer.
    Then there was “Run for Aimee”.  Aimee Skene worked for Zurich Insurance and passed in Nov of 2014.  There was a huge group of supporters there all wearing blue shirts for Aimee.
    Team Brown was there in honor of LB and Ellen Brown.  This was the fourth year they were honored in this way and their team wore purple.
    Caleb's Crusaders  was there in honor of Caleb Torok 1-29-09 to 1-26-2012.  There were 14 members of their team there overnight. 
    “Down for The Cure” was represented in beautifully decorated pink tanks in memory of Debra Jackson who passed on Dec 29, 2014 from cervical cancer and Dot Marconi who was a breast cancer survivor and who is currently battling lung cancer.  Dot is 89.

    Please keep all of them in your prayers.

    The Relay for life culminated with the final lap in honor of all the loved ones involved.
    The race was managed by First Mile Fitness and time was kept by Fast Track Timing  .Congratulations to all who ran and a big thank you to everyone who was involved.  These community events are so special and humbling to remember We are the Community!

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Go to face book to see pictures of the event

Please contact me if there were any errors in the information listed. Thank you for sharing your stories!