Are You Up For A Challenge?

  With warmer weather slowly setting in, most everyone [me included] is waiting to get back outside for recreation. Whatever our favorite activities are, we can't get back to doing them fast enough.
  If you love hiking, like I do or if you havn't done to much but are open to the idea, then this is a perfect challenge for you!
  The State of Connecticut through the D.E.E.P put out information regarding their hiking challenge. We have some amazing trails here in CT. In order to encourage their use, they put together a list of places and a challenge to go with it. 
  It's a steep challenge [that pun was intended] but there is enough time to complete it.
  I'll include the link at the bottom. Please let me know if you take the challenge, you can email me and include pics, or leave comments below. Even if you don't take the challenge you could still try some of the trails you wont be disappointed.

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