Gluten Free Connecticut Food Expo

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              In nutrition, diet is the sum of foods consumed by a person or other organism.  The word diet often implies the use of specific intake of nutrition for health or weight management reasons (with the two often being related)- wikopedia.

                For clarification, the following use of the word diet refers to a specific dietary nutrition plan and not a calorie restrictive “diet”.

                If you have ever been placed on or chose to go on a specific diet,  then you know how hard it is to stick to within the framework of an active lifestyle.  A gluten free diet is one of the hardest diets to maintain.

                For those who have had to or chose to eliminate gluten from their nutrition plan, they know how hard it can be.  That stuff is in everything, soups, sauces, dressings, canned foods, cold cuts, and in research for this article, I found it can also be used in hotdogs…say it aint so!  Although I would suggest avoiding hotdogs for multiple reasons, you can see gluten makes an appearance in so many of the foods we consume.

                Even just a few years ago it was extremely difficult for the average person, now with the issue of gluten intolerance getting the attention it deserves, there has been a whole industry that has sprung up around it.

                Not surprising, CT is leading the way with a cutting edge gluten free industry.  Our friends at Gluten Free Connecticut have created the best place to find all that is gluten free right here in CT.

                Gluten Free Connecticut was launched in August of 2016 by Abby Kelly.  Abby took a year to plan, research and launch her website and it shows.  The site is beautifully done with an endless amount of information.  Abby’s goal of connecting “Gluten-Free Folks” with the state’s growing gluten free industry has not stopped at her amazing website.

                Abby also organizes gluten free pop ups to connect vendors and consumers.  As well as partnering with companies like Bakery on Main to provide information and products to families for outreach.  Her passion is contagious and she is making an impact on the residents of our great state.

                On October 14th Gluten Free CT is hosting The Gluten Free Connecticut Expo .  The event will be held at the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton in Bristol CT. 

                The expo will feature gluten free local and national resturants, bakeries and businesses.  Admission includes a swag bag, coupons and samples.  There will also be raffles and gluten free talks.  Abby was able to round up 40 vendors! With 75% being CT businesses!

                We are all about supporting local businesses and Gluten Free CT is doing that and more.  If you or someone you know (which seems like all of us) has trouble with gluten, then this expo is a must.

Buy Local, Eat Healthy