Workout at Mortensen Plaza

                If you’ve had a workout program for any length of time, then you know that even the best programs can become routine (pun was intended).  Instead of a complete overhaul of your program to find excitement, you could try adding something to it.  If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion…WIP Into Shape.

 This is an event by Riverfront Recapture that takes place on the Mortesen Riverfront plaza.  WIP Into Shape is led by WIP Fitness which stands for Work In Progress.  The event is held every Tuesday night through the summer and is free to participants.

A lot of times with events like this there are bugs to work out, but WIP Fitness pulled it off without any snags and everyone had a great workout.  There were around 50 people who participated, all at different levels of fitness, and all were challenged. 

The workout consisted of:

·         The warm up- as a group

·         The main work out

The class was broken up into three groups, one group per station and three stations total.  At each station there were three separate exercises, each with a modification to meet the needs of different fitness levels.  The class rotated through each exercise then moved to the next station.  Coach Laura did a great job of explaining the exercises before and keeping the program on track.  Laura Keever-WIP Fitness Co-owner, Patrick DellaPace- WIP programing and fitness director, and Coach Laura all made the rounds answering questions, coaching and encouraging.

·         Finishing Exercise-as a group was an all out Tabata style workout for four minutes, 20 sec on and 10 sec off with high knees, the burpees, then plank jacks and repeat!

When you are stuck doing 15 miles per hour home from work, caught in a  Nor' Easter, this is what we in CT dream about.  The night was perfect without a cloud in sight, fresh air over looking the beautiful river.  Outside being active with family and friends- great event!

                WIP Fitness offers group fitness classes in West Hartford and Avon.  They are also coming to Pratt Street in Hartford opening soon. 

                Riverfront Recapture is a “Private non-profit organization leading the effort to reconnect Metropolitan Hartford with the CT River by providing access to four riverfront parks in Hartford and East Hartford.” They offer other events in the area worth looking into.

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CT Power Fit Expo

  The first ever CT Power Fit Expo was this past weekend held in the Premier Ballroom at Foxwoods Resort and Casino.  The CT Power Fit Expo was a three sport competition and expo held over two days.  The event featured USA power lifting, New England Armwrestling Championship, and Milford Mayhem Crossfit Competition.  
    The sponsors for the event were TRUEFORM Runner a CT based innovative treadmill maker, Pure-Strength- makers of functional fitness equipment, Nutriforce- a supplement manufacturer for the fitness athlete, and Fit Aid a performance beverage company.
    USA power lifting ran the power lifting events.  Saturday was the NUPL Raw Collegiate Cup.  There were 100 athletes, 40 women and 60 men.  This was the third year of the competition.  Head Coach Mike Zawilinski was leaving right afterwards to Germany for the Open Worlds.  Sunday it was the 2015 CT State Championships.  
    The New England Arm Wresting championships were put on by   .  There were 185 competitors, 16 of which were women.  They had a stage set up with 3 arm wrestling  tables on it.  I got a chance to watch some tutorials and coaching and it was cool to see the strategy involved.  It’s not all about size and strength, there is also technique, leverage and speed that play into a successful match.  
    Milford Mayhem is a yearly competition put on by CrossFit  Milford.  This year the competition was brought to the Power Fit Expo.  Milford Mayhem was a teams event with two male and two female competitors per team.  There were five WODS ( work out of the day) over the two days including four divisions which were Scaled, RX, Masters, and Elite.   268 total competitors were registered for the event broken down into 67 teams.  Needless to say, it’s a big event.  The Mayhem featured some truly elite competitors and like all the events over the weekend, some very inspiring performances.  
    One of the WODS featured a two mile run using CT’s very own TRUEFORM Runner.  Each of the 10 lanes had TRUEFORM set up at the end  as part of the workout.     
    Congrats to all the competitors and everyone behind the scenes for a successful event!  


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Live Fit CT!


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New Balance Girls Night Out


   New Balance “Girl’s Night Out” is an event New Balance kicked off earlier this spring.  It is a night out with a positive theme.  A chance for women to get out and enjoy a workout, learn from top fitness professionals and  connect with other like minded women.  New Balance Girls Night Out events are being held all over the country.  
    Last night local New Balance owner, Michael Disibio in partnership with The Promenade Shops at Evergreen Walk put on an amazing Girls Night Out event.  They went all out for this event with  Team Cares DJ who  set up a photo booth with a Girls Night Out backdrop, a separate DJ, Tyler English Fitness Systems to run the workout, and post work out recovery by Emerald City Smoothie and sushi and other refreshments from Sakura Garden.  
    The night started out with a greeting from Tyler English and an introduction for Ewa Januszkiewicz who gave and inspiring motivational speech.  She covered  moving to the United States from Poland, overcoming physical limitations and other hardships to be what she is today.  Ewa is a competitive power lifter whose personal records are very impressive.  The highlight of her talk for me was a question she left the audience with “Why are you on your fitness journey?” Then she said, “ Dedicate this workout to that.”  A simple question with a  simple follow up statement, but so profound.  How often do we do something good for ourselves “because it’s good for me” without ever really digging deeper to strengthen the roots of the decision.  Real results come from real change and Ewa asked the right question to help us get there!  Tyler led the workout, and if you haven’t heard of him, you have been missing out.  Tyler English is a Men’s Health contributor and  owner of the gym voted “Best independent gym in America.”  The workout was intense but was also scaleable for all fitness levels.  
    It was a perfect night for the event, the weather was just right.  There were about 50 women who participated in the Girls Night Out and all received Swag Bags full of great stuff.  Healthy snacks, an exercise band, tank top and more.  
    The Promenade Shops at Evergreen Walk routinely host great events and this was definitely one of them.  Stay plugged into the Live Fit CT community to find out about more events like this.  

Buy Local, Eat Healthy,
Live Fit CT! 


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