Color In Motion 5k

    Today was a great day for the Color In Motion 5K held at Rentschler Field in East Hartford.
Fortitude Fitness from right here in East Hartford was a sponsor of the event.  Vince and Kelly were there with smiles to meet folks and to represent their gym.
    It was a perfect opportunity for everyone to get out and get moving.  Whether you are very active or just getting started, this was a great reason to enjoy some sun and exercise.  
    There were 4255 people registered for the event plus spectators.  I had a chance to talk to people from all over including Florida, Mass, and I even saw a license plate from North Carolina.
    The color was flying and everyone was having fun.  If you missed out, don’t worry they will be back and in the meanwhile, check out the other events we have listed.

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Go to our face book page to see more photos of the event!

Live Fit CT Kinda Weekend

    What an amazing weekend!  Besides a few days in a row of perfect weather, there were some really great events.  
    Saturday we went to the Color Me Rad color run held at Rentschler Field in East Hartford where a couple of thousand of people were having a great time.  There was clouds of color and smiles everywhere.  
    After the race it was time to head over to Charter Oak Cross Fit ( where their Derby Day Throwdown was already in progress.
    Charter Oak Crossfit has only been open for a few months, but you would never know because they put on a seamless event.  All the staff was super cool and their level of passion and knowledge was obvious throughout the day.  
    I would have liked to compete myself, but I enjoyed stepping back and taking it all in.  Thanks Charter Oak Crossfit!
    To see pictures from both events, including our group of Live Fit CT runners, visit our face book page at
    Do have plans for this weekend?  Check out what events, restaurants, farmers markets, etc,etc,etc that we have listed.

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