Down and Dirty in CT

    Another perfect day in CT!  Today was the Down + Dirty Obstacle Race.  The race and expo were held at beautiful Riverside Park in Hartford.
    Riverside Park is a Victorian era park that sits along side the CT River.  They have a boat launch, trails, a community rowing program and they also host the Riverfront Adventure Program
    The doors to the event opened at 7:00 AM with food trucks, vendors, and sponsors as well as having plenty of room for thousands of people.  There were 8000+ people preregistered and by 10:00 they were still signing more up!
    The race consisted of two courses.  A 6 mile or 3 mile with 20+ obstacles.  There was also a brick challenge for those that were brave enough, 3 bricks in a backpack for the ladies and 5 for men.  Doing a mud run is tough enough, but carrying bricks while you do it is just crazy (in a good way). 
    My guess is that there were probably over 12,000 people at the event and all seemed to be having a good time.  Fox news was also there doing a story.  All in all it was a great day.
    Sign up for our updates and take a look at our theme run page to find more similar events.  Keep an eye out when the Down  + Dirty comes back to CT.  We’ll let you know. 

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2015 Derby Day Throwdown!

  If you don’t have plans on Sat. May 2nd or if you do you might want to rethink them. John Branigan and the guys and girls over at Crossfit Charter Oak in East Hartford are having a competition.  2015 Derby Day Throwdown.  We are talking friends, competition, food, vendors, meeting new people, and a Saturday in May.  Does it get any better?  For more info on Crossfit Charter Oak and registration, I have included links below.

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Are You Up For A Challenge?

  With warmer weather slowly setting in, most everyone [me included] is waiting to get back outside for recreation. Whatever our favorite activities are, we can't get back to doing them fast enough.
  If you love hiking, like I do or if you havn't done to much but are open to the idea, then this is a perfect challenge for you!
  The State of Connecticut through the D.E.E.P put out information regarding their hiking challenge. We have some amazing trails here in CT. In order to encourage their use, they put together a list of places and a challenge to go with it. 
  It's a steep challenge [that pun was intended] but there is enough time to complete it.
  I'll include the link at the bottom. Please let me know if you take the challenge, you can email me and include pics, or leave comments below. Even if you don't take the challenge you could still try some of the trails you wont be disappointed.

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