Corn and Black Bean Dip

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Corn & Black Bean Dip

This is one of those great go to recipes that you will use over and over.  There are so many ways to use this. It can replace your regular salsa.  Add it to plain rice or use it as side dish by itself.

·         2 cups corn -fresh works best but frozen will do

·         1 -15 ounce can black beans rinsed

·         1 chopped colored bell pepper

·         1  jalapeno chopped  (you can keep the seeds in if you like it spicy)

·         ¼  chopped red onion

·         1  tablespoon  cumin powder

·         Juice of 2 limes

·         ¼ cup red wine vinegar

·         Salt and pepper to taste

·         10 dashes of hot sauce  -choose your favorite

  Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl. You can enjoy right away, but its best to let the flavors come together awhile. This recipe is a good starting point but play around with it to make it yours. You can adjust the heat levels easy enough or substitute vegetables.

  Farmers market season is in full swing so be sure to support your local market.  Use this link to find a Farmers Market near you.

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