Connecticuts Strongest(Wo)MAN

    Saturday was a hot, humid brutal day and so was the compitition at Connecticut’s Strongest (Wo)man.  Another awesome event put on by Lightening Fitness, owned and operated by Pro Strongman Matt Mills.  Lightening Fitness is the place to go for Strongman training on the East Coast- not my words, just fact.  They specialize in strongman but have everything you would need for strength training wether it is competitive body building, power lifting, or just want to stay in shape. 
     It’s always inspirational to see the athletes push themselves so hard.  If you have never been to a stong (wo)man event, you have been missing out and I highly recommend that you  plan to experience it, or better yet, train and compete.  
    The competition was split into 5 different events and the athletes competed by division in those events.  The divisions included:

   The events were:
    -Log Press Medley:  Three logs of ascending weight pressed from lightest to heaviest.
    -Last Man Standing Max 12 inch Deadlift:   Deadlift competition- the bar was raised using                             rogue wagon wheels.
    -Tire Flip:  Athletes by division flipped massive tires for most flips in a minute.  
    -Keg Carry To Husafell: 60 second time limit- athletes carry a keg 50 feet, sprint back to                             starting line, then carry the Husafell 50 feet for fastest time. 
    -Power Stairs:  Five 12 inch steps- athletes carry a heavy implement up the stairs, run down,                       and carry the second implement for time. 

    Congrats to Lightening Fitness for another great event and congrats to all the athletes for their heart and strong competition.  Those that medaled are as follows:

Women’s Novice:
    1st place: Alli Barberi
    2nd place: Amanda Viola
    3rd place: Jane Nwafor
Women’s Lightweight:
    1st place: Kena Perry
    2nd place: Melissa Sears
    3rd place: Chieh Ju Liao
Women’s Medium Weight:
    1st place: Kristal Renaudette
    2nd place: Erin Williams Ummer
    3rd place: Carly Litwiler
Women’s Heavy Weight:
    1st place: Katrina Kaworski
    2nd place: Cait Dunn
Men’s Novice:
    1st place: Kevin Candito
    2nd place: Bobby Kaplan
    3rd place: Justin Zup
Men’s 200:
    1st place: Adam Sweeney
    2nd place: John Sullivan
Men’s 231:
    1st place: Brad Lemanski
    2nd place: Corey Benton
    3rd place: Ryan Largay
Men’s Masters:
    1st place: Bart Walsh
    2nd place: Drew Bielomyza
    3rd place: Shawn Cross

Some highlights of the event besides the competition and support of the athletes (great to see competitors cheering for each other) were the heavy weights the athletes were moving.  For example in the deadlifts:
    -Becky Greene: 375lbs  (women’s novice)
    -Melissa Sears/Chieh Ju Liau: 345lbs  (women’s lightweight)
    -Kristal Renaudette: 415lbs  (women’s medium weight)
    - Katrina Kaworski: 405lbs  (women’s heavyweight)
    -Kevin Candito: 635 lbs (men’s novice)
    -Adam Sweeney: 635 lbs  (200)
    -Ryan Largay: 745 lbs (231)
    -Bart Walsh: 635 lbs (masters)

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