Endurance for Veterans

 There are a lot of non profits out there with a focus of helping veterans.  Not all have the best reputations when it comes down to carrying out their mission.  That’s why it was my pleasure to meet the folks behind Endurance For Veterans.  EFV was founded in 2015 right here in CT with a mission of helping veterans begin the healing process.  Their plans are to put on charity events to raise money and awareness for the cause, and to encourage veterans to improve their state of mind and find community through  physical fitness.  
    Endurance for Veterans had their first event today- E4V Faceoff which is a CrossFit competition.  E4V Faceoff was Land Warrior CrossfFit and Crossfit Blue Diamond joining together with the Hartford Wolfpack to bring together an exciting event, their first step towards their mission  of helping veterans.  
    We arrived at the XL center in Hartford and purchased spectator tickets to the event.  We were pleasantly surprised to find the tickets were also good for a Wolfpack game the following day!  
    The competition opened with a patriotic ceremony which began with the presentation of our flag by active duty Marines, followed by a live singing of our National Anthem.  
    The competition featured RX and Scaled divisions and was a same sex partner team event.  There were 41 two person teams.  Over the course of the day there were 3 grueling W.O.D.S.  (work out of the day for non-CrossFitters) with the top three in each division moving onto a fast pace fourth WOD.  A big congratulations to all competitors- everyone walked away better.  Competition has a way of bringing out the best in people and all the proceeds and effort went to a truly deserving cause.  
    Congragulations especially to all the top place finishers.  

Men’s Scaled:
1.  CFNH
2.  SOSF Crossfit and Chiropractic
3.  RJ Harrentino

Women’s Scaled:
1.  Poke-A-Nose
2.  Two Peas in A WOD
3.  Racks on Racks

Men’s RX:
1. Bald And Beautirful
2. NLCF Bar Benders
3. Dos Monos

Women’s RX:
1) Quad Squad
2) Check Meowt
3) Makin Bacon

    This is an event to look out for in the future as E4V announces more of their events, we will be proud to share them with you.  For other CrossFit events, check out our CrossFit Event page.  

Buy Local, Eat Healthy, 
L:ive Fit CT!


To see pictures of the event please visit our facebook page