Manchester Road Race

                This year’s Manchester Road Race was the culmination of a weeks worth of events and 79 previous races leading up to the 80th Manchester Road Race.

                80 years, let that sink in for a minute.  The first race was held in 1927 with a few years off during the Depression and WWII.  Think of how much has changed since then.  Life was different in 1927, the year of the first MRR.  The construction on the four presidents on Mount Rushmore began.  Calvin Coolidge was president.  We know from Back to The Future part I that TV’s didn’t show up until the mid 1950’s so there wasn’t any Net Flix and chill.  There was however big clunky floor model  AM radio and chill and 12 guys got together on Main Street in Manchester to run on Thanksgiving!

                Today the MRR is capped is at 15,000 runners, and it’s a world class event with a small town feel.  They had to cap the race because otherwise there would still be people waiting to cross the start line while the wheel chair wave and elite runners would be coming in to finish.  The course is 4.748 miles and run very efficiently.

                The week leading up to the event is packed with activities.  The Saturday before the race is Road Race Saturday.  It begins with the “know your pace race” put on by the Silk City Striders.  This race follows the course of the MRR with a twist.  The winner isn’t the person who crosses the finish line first, it’s the one who most accurately predicts their finish time.  No watches, phones, or any other time keeping device.  The winner of the Know Your Pace Race is usually within a second or two of their predicted time! This race is capped at 100 runners.  The Silk City Striders have been around for 38 years and have been putting on this race for about the last 20 years. They are a running club out of Manchester with all fitness levels from walkers to elite runners.  So be sure to watch Silk City Striders for info to run next year or meet up with them to run.

                Following the “KYPR” there was a health and fitness expo and an in person registration for the Manchester Road Race. The fitness expo consists of Manchester Road Race Sponsors and local business in the health and fitness industry. The Little Manchester Road Race begins at 10 am for the 1000 pre registered kids.  That’s right, 1000!

               All this leads up to one of the biggest events in CT. This race has become a CT institution and everyone should experience it! Watch our Run/Walk Events page for more events like this. 
To see pictures of this great event and all the awesome costumes people ran in please check out our Facebook page

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