No End In Sight

     Labor Day marks the official end of summer, but if you are like me, you are going to hold onto the idea of summer as long as possible.  I will be driving my jeep with the top down until my teeth are chattering and my knuckles are white.
     Whatever your choice of weather or season is, one thing is for sure, here in CT, there is no end in sight for Healthy, Local, Food, Events, and Business.  
     Food- Our farmers markets are still going strong and will be for quite some time.  CT farmers are still bringing the best CT has to offer to market every week, as well as providing the many amazing farm to table restaurants we have.  Many of our markets will even continue into the winter.
     Events-  While we are almost 3/4 through 2015 (hard to believe) we still have so many great events to come, from CrossFit events, Strong (Wo)Man, to countless road races.  Speaking of road races, the two biggest runs in CT are just around the corner.  The Hartford Marathon in October and the Manchester Road Race in November.
    Business-  The health and fitness industry is going strong and will continue to thrive as we all support those who are making a difference.  Please continue to plug into the LiveFit CT community as we bring you the best CT has to offer.
     I hope your Labor Day weekend is everything that it should be.  Looking forward, lets finish out 2015 strong!


Buy Local, Eat Healthy,
LiveFit CT!