New Balance Girls Night Out


   New Balance “Girl’s Night Out” is an event New Balance kicked off earlier this spring.  It is a night out with a positive theme.  A chance for women to get out and enjoy a workout, learn from top fitness professionals and  connect with other like minded women.  New Balance Girls Night Out events are being held all over the country.  
    Last night local New Balance owner, Michael Disibio in partnership with The Promenade Shops at Evergreen Walk put on an amazing Girls Night Out event.  They went all out for this event with  Team Cares DJ who  set up a photo booth with a Girls Night Out backdrop, a separate DJ, Tyler English Fitness Systems to run the workout, and post work out recovery by Emerald City Smoothie and sushi and other refreshments from Sakura Garden.  
    The night started out with a greeting from Tyler English and an introduction for Ewa Januszkiewicz who gave and inspiring motivational speech.  She covered  moving to the United States from Poland, overcoming physical limitations and other hardships to be what she is today.  Ewa is a competitive power lifter whose personal records are very impressive.  The highlight of her talk for me was a question she left the audience with “Why are you on your fitness journey?” Then she said, “ Dedicate this workout to that.”  A simple question with a  simple follow up statement, but so profound.  How often do we do something good for ourselves “because it’s good for me” without ever really digging deeper to strengthen the roots of the decision.  Real results come from real change and Ewa asked the right question to help us get there!  Tyler led the workout, and if you haven’t heard of him, you have been missing out.  Tyler English is a Men’s Health contributor and  owner of the gym voted “Best independent gym in America.”  The workout was intense but was also scaleable for all fitness levels.  
    It was a perfect night for the event, the weather was just right.  There were about 50 women who participated in the Girls Night Out and all received Swag Bags full of great stuff.  Healthy snacks, an exercise band, tank top and more.  
    The Promenade Shops at Evergreen Walk routinely host great events and this was definitely one of them.  Stay plugged into the Live Fit CT community to find out about more events like this.  

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To see pictures of the event please visit our facebook page