Vino And The Beasts

   Vino and The Beasts was held today at Jonathan Edwards Vineyard in North Stonington.  Vino and The Beasts is an obstacle race founded in 2010 by two couples Josh & Erin Ordway and Chad & Jess Lahr.  The event is a wine themed obstacle run held at local vineyards.  Last year was the first year they decided to expand into CT.
    Pre registration for the event was 973 runners with another 30 to 40 runners who signed up on site, doubling since last year.  The course was a 5K, winding through the beautiful fields of Jonathan Edwards Winery.  There were 12 obstacles with everything from wading through a pond, to climbing a rope wall, all with vineyard themed names.  Like the “Mash”  where runners had to crawl under netting through a man made pond, similar to obstacles found in other mud runs, or the “Valley of Vines”  where they had to navigate their way through a web of ropes fastened to a 2X4 structure.  
    We walked the course taking pictures of the event while trying to stay out of the way.  For me it was great to be able to take my time and look around.  One thing that most of the runners might have missed was how beautiful it was out there.  The hills, the rows of grape vines, and the buildings sitting out in the fields surrounded by stone walls. What the runners didn’t miss was tons of fun, beautiful weather, and the chance to enjoy it all with friends and family.  Oh….and with a wine break 2/3rds of the way through the course.  (For the over 21 crowd)
    After the race there was food, a tent for vendors, live music, and space for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves with friends and family.  
    Keep an eye on our Theme Runs page to see when Vino And The Beasts will be coming back to CT and for other events to take part in.  

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