Autumn Assault 2

    It was another beautiful Saturday here in CT.  Perfect for one of the many fall fairs going on…even better for a CrossFit competition.  Today was the second Autumn Assault  CrossFit competition put on by CrossFit Storrs.
    CrossFit Storrs is located at 1768 Storrs Rd in Mansfield CT, just down the street from Uconn.  They celebrated their fourth anniversary in August and this was the sixth event that they put on.  CrossFit Storrs does an event about every four months or so.  
    The Autumn Assault was a partner event with 20 teams either male or female with a total of 40 competitors.  It was an all day competition where all the teams were made aware of the work outs in advance and at the end of the day the top four male and female teams moved on to a surprise last event.  
    The last WOD (work out of the day) was a grueling seven minutes of burpees and wall overs with atlas stone floor to shoulders.  So one team member would do a burpee and then jump over a wall, run to the next wall, do a burpee and jump that wall, turn around and repeat on the way back. Then finish with five reps of floor to shoulder lifts with an atlas stone- 65 Lbs for females and 115 Lbs for the males.  The next team member would then do the same and they switched on and off for seven exhausting minutes.  
    These events are great for many reasons.  One of them being that you can sense the community of the people involved.  Everyone is encouraging to each other while striving to do their personal best.  
    Thanks to Brooke Magouirk and CrossFit Storrs who put on a great event.  Congratulations to Andrea Gallo and Ellie Cyr who came in first in the women’s division and Jack Antonowicz and Joe Chece who came in first in the men’s division.  
    This event was open to anyone.  CrossFit Storrs was heavily represented as well as  CrossFit Factory Square who was represented by the female first place team of Andrea and Ellie. Congrats to all, everyone put out an amazing effort.
    On a side note, we have so much going on here in CT.  Right after the competition we went down the street to the Storrs Farmers Market.  Wherever there is an event going on, there is always something to compliment it close by, whether a restaurant or farmers market.  A benefit of using Live Fit CT to help plan your days.  

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