Slide The City In Hartford

    Saturday “Slide The City” made it’s first appearance to our capital city.  Slide the City is a family friendly slip-and-slide water party event.  They have a 1000 foot slip-and-slide with three separate lanes along with music, food and drinks.  
    They set up on Trinity Street right along the side of the capital.  I am always amazed at the amount of work and planning goes into one of these events.  Slide the City puts on events all over the country and for each one employees have to travel, streets need to be shut down, supplies moved and volunteer organized.
    It was a perfect day for the event with sunny skies and no rain or wind.  Around 2500 people participated in the even spread out over a few hour period.  Slide the City is a great idea, a giant slip-and-slide party on a hot sunny day.  If only it can be pulled off-and they pulled it off.  I had a chance to talk to some of the staff and it is clear that they are hard working a dedicated.  This is an event to keep your eye on.  If you missed out, don’t worry, I am sure they will be back.  Stay tuned into Live Fit CT as we will continue to bring you the best CT has to offer in health and fitness and events like this.  

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