37th Annual Chester Rotaries Four On The Fourth

    Happy Fourth of July!  Today was the 37th annual Chester Rotary’s “Four on The Fourth”.  It’s a four mile race put on by the Rotary club of Chester.
    The Chester rotaries have organized and managed this event all thirty seven years. Time was kept by SMS The race is always held on the 4th of July except when that falls on a Sunday.
    Before the race started the National Anthem was sung. It was a memorable experience, with over 7 hundred runners and hundreds of spectators there. You can imagine how loud it was. As soon as  those amazing words came over the sound system every one fell silent. There I was in the center of a small town like Chester with so many people gathered closely together on the Fourth of July and you couldn't hear a thing but our Anthem ringing loud. It was a reminder of what America is. We are a nation full of Small communities like this, all across the land, good folks that love their country
    There were 740 runners signed up for the event.  Now it wouldn’t be a race in CT without the Run 169 Town Society being present.  There were also the Deep River Runners, lots of locals, and I even saw 2 girls in bridal gowns!  It was a great event that ran through beautiful Chester. If you missed it don't worry, they will do it again next year for the 38th time. make it a point to be there!

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To see pictures from the race go to our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/livefitct