Down and Dirty in CT

    Another perfect day in CT!  Today was the Down + Dirty Obstacle Race.  The race and expo were held at beautiful Riverside Park in Hartford.
    Riverside Park is a Victorian era park that sits along side the CT River.  They have a boat launch, trails, a community rowing program and they also host the Riverfront Adventure Program
    The doors to the event opened at 7:00 AM with food trucks, vendors, and sponsors as well as having plenty of room for thousands of people.  There were 8000+ people preregistered and by 10:00 they were still signing more up!
    The race consisted of two courses.  A 6 mile or 3 mile with 20+ obstacles.  There was also a brick challenge for those that were brave enough, 3 bricks in a backpack for the ladies and 5 for men.  Doing a mud run is tough enough, but carrying bricks while you do it is just crazy (in a good way). 
    My guess is that there were probably over 12,000 people at the event and all seemed to be having a good time.  Fox news was also there doing a story.  All in all it was a great day.
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