Lightning Fitness Co-ed Strong(Wo)Man 3

   Lightening Fitness of South Windsor hosted their 3rd Co-ed Strong (WO)Man competition on Saturday.  This is the second competition from Lightening Fitness that I have attended in six months and they have proven without a doubt that they can run an event seamlessly.  Any one who has organized an event knows how complicated it can be with lots of moving parts and with a Strong(WO)man competition the moving parts can be pretty HEAVY!
    This event was done to raise money for the Hartford Animal shelter as well as Kenway’s Cause.  It’s great to see people working with less well known charities especially when you know it truly has a place in their hearts.  The Hartford Animal Shelter takes in animals and cares for them hoping to place them in a good  home because the shelter can only keep them for a short time.  They accept goods and services as donations but not money.  That’s where Kenway’s Cause steps in and helps to provide for the animals in the shelter with the necessities during their stay.    Sometimes  the animals are strays without ever having a warm home, toys, bones or even human compassion.  Lightening Fitness encourages their competitors to bring donations of bones, blankets, toys, etc for the shelter.  They were also able to send cash donations raised at the event to Kenways Cause. 
    The competition was a teams event made up of one male and one female.  There were 60 competitors for 30 teams in three divisions. The divisions were novice, LW (lightweight open), and HW (heavyweight open).  Those teams competed through 5 tough events which included:              
   -Dumbell press for reps:  the teams take turns pressing the dumbell, its cleaned from the floor and pressed.  They go back and forth until one member can’t perform another rep or the 60 second time laspes.
   -12 inch axel deadlift:  The team swaps turns dead lifting an axle bar with a tag, fist bump, head butt, etc.  Some form of contact required, but only one member can lift at a time.  They can swap as often as they need for the 90 second  duration.
    -Farmers Walk:  Each member walks down and back for a 50 foot distance carrying heavy weight , one competitor at a time for a 60 second duration.  
    -Standing hand over hand sled pull:  Same distance as the farmers walk but instead they pull a sled on a 2 inch thick rope for a 90 second time limit. 
    -Atlas Stones:  Competitors alternate turns starting with lighter stones with higher lifts, and then moving to heavier stones with lower lifts.  Each team member lifts three stones in the 90 second duration or until one member cannot perform the lift.  HW open had the heaviest stones.  For the men it was 380 Lbs for a 48 inch height.  The women were 225 Lbs.  for a 44 inch height.  
    Congrats to Lightening Fitness and all the competitors for a great event and congrats to the winners of each division.  
    -1st place in the Novice Division:  Raphael Santiago/Siobahn Kinney
    -1st place in the LW open division:  Ryan Largay/ Kristal Renaudette
    -1st place in HW open division:   Brian Fletcher/Keeley
    Lightening Fitness’s next event is IPA Powerlifting competition February 6th.  To find more events like this please go to our Strong(Wo)Man page.

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