CT Power Fit Expo

  The first ever CT Power Fit Expo was this past weekend held in the Premier Ballroom at Foxwoods Resort and Casino.  The CT Power Fit Expo was a three sport competition and expo held over two days.  The event featured USA power lifting, New England Armwrestling Championship, and Milford Mayhem Crossfit Competition.  
    The sponsors for the event were TRUEFORM Runner a CT based innovative treadmill maker, Pure-Strength- makers of functional fitness equipment, Nutriforce- a supplement manufacturer for the fitness athlete, and Fit Aid a performance beverage company.
    USA power lifting ran the power lifting events.  Saturday was the NUPL Raw Collegiate Cup.  There were 100 athletes, 40 women and 60 men.  This was the third year of the competition.  Head Coach Mike Zawilinski was leaving right afterwards to Germany for the Open Worlds.  Sunday it was the 2015 CT State Championships.  
    The New England Arm Wresting championships were put on by        https://www.facebook.com/upcomingarmwrestlingtournaments/   .  There were 185 competitors, 16 of which were women.  They had a stage set up with 3 arm wrestling  tables on it.  I got a chance to watch some tutorials and coaching and it was cool to see the strategy involved.  It’s not all about size and strength, there is also technique, leverage and speed that play into a successful match.  
    Milford Mayhem is a yearly competition put on by CrossFit  Milford.  This year the competition was brought to the Power Fit Expo.  Milford Mayhem was a teams event with two male and two female competitors per team.  There were five WODS ( work out of the day) over the two days including four divisions which were Scaled, RX, Masters, and Elite.   268 total competitors were registered for the event broken down into 67 teams.  Needless to say, it’s a big event.  The Mayhem featured some truly elite competitors and like all the events over the weekend, some very inspiring performances.  
    One of the WODS featured a two mile run using CT’s very own TRUEFORM Runner.  Each of the 10 lanes had TRUEFORM set up at the end  as part of the workout.     
    Congrats to all the competitors and everyone behind the scenes for a successful event!  


Buy Local, Eat Healthy,
Live Fit CT!


To See pictures from this event please check out our facebook page!