Mudderella New England 2015

    There will be TuTus…This year Mudderella New England was held right here in CT.  The event was held at the historic Thompson Motor Speedway- the nation’s first high-banked asphalt racetrack.  
    Mudderella is a 5-7 mile muddy obstacle course designed by women.  These last few days have been cold and rainy, putting a stamp on the end of the beautiful summer we have had.  While the weather didn’t necessarily cooperate, it didn’t negatively effect the race.  Most just used the cold and rain as another obstacle to overcome.
    Mudderella partnered with “Futures without Violence,” a national non profit organization that is working to prevent domestic violence.  It’s always a great time to work to reduce and end domestic violence, but October is especially fitting being as it is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  This year there was an event for kids as well.  The “Fruit shoot Mini Mudder” which is a one mile obstacle course for kids.  Again Muderella is showing good timing.  Monday is National Child Health Day.  This was a great opportunity to get kids active and participate in a fun event.  As kids, we were always outside playing in the dirt and mud, something that seems to have gone out of style.  Congrats to Muderella for helping kids act like kids again.  
    There were around 6000 people registered for the event, with lots and lots of smiles, selfies, group photos and great memories being made.  Hopefully Mudderella will be back to CT soon.  In the meantime check out our Theme Runs page to find more events like this.  

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