The Beast Of The East 2015

   This weekend was the Beast of the East CrossFit competition. Beast Of The East is a massive yearly competition owned and held right here in CT. This year it was held at Sports World. An indoor / outdoor sports facility in East Windsor. The competition was inside the sports dome using the entire field, a 300ft by 200ft area. With a warm-up area, vendor booths, spectators, competitor staging and competition space. Beast Of The East used every square inch of space!
   The competition was a 2 day event with 183 competitors signed up. There was 30 teams of 4 as well as 63 individuals competing. Represented were 12 different states and Canada. Over the 2 days there was 5 workouts with a final workout for those who were able to move on, 1 for the teams as well as 1 for the individuals.
The workouts were:
Day 1
   1. Burpee Box Jumps with Snatches
   2. Pull-ups and Toes to Bar with Snatches
   3. Ladder Cleans
Day 2
   4. Sleds and Deadlifts
   5. Front Squats and Overhead Press
For Finalist Teams
   6. Every member did 100 calorie burn on the Areodyne  then 1 member performed 1 of each of the remaining exercises: Kettlebell Swings, Bar Muscle-ups, Kettlebell Thrusters and a 50ft Handstand Walk
For Finalist Individuals
   7.Max Overhead Squats followed by descending  sets of alternating Kettlebell Thrusters and Bar Muscle-Ups
When the smoke settled the Victors left standing were
Scale Team Div:
    1. CFP    2. Bell City Burrito Crushers     3. Shrug Life
Scale Mens Div:
    1. William Murtagh   2. Larry Hipp    3.James Casaln
Scale Females Div:
    1.Haley   2. Cristel Maher   3. Megan
RX Team:  
    1. Team Lurong    2. Brickyard Big   3. Box Jump And Bro Nachos
RX Mens Div:
    1. Zach Moran   2. Will Carter   3. Storm Patterson
RX Females Div:
    1. Sarah Schroll  2. Brianna Gongloff  3.  Nicolette Donovan
Congrats to all competitors. The sacrifice and hard work is inspiring. All competitors this year received a T-shirt and a pair of Relentless jeans. Jeans designed for athletic bodies owned right here in CT.
   I got a chance to sit down and talk with Kevin Doyle an accomplished  strength and conditioning  coach , co- owner of CrossFit Hartford and new co-owner of the Beast Of The East. The competition is already very established with a huge following, but it was exciting to hear some of the plans for the future. Stay tuned!
   If you have never been to a Crossfit event put it on your to do list. Its great to be around such encouraging and hard working folks. The highlight of the weekend for me was at the end of the 2nd day.  On the last workout a female competitor was struggling with the last remaining muscle-ups. Muscle-ups are a vey hard upper body exercise and after 2 days of competing extremely difficult. When she struggled it was dead silent, impressive given the amount of people still in attendance. After every successful rep cheers and applause erupted. Her determination was inspiring and great to see everyone pulling for her!
   So keep an eye out for the next Beast Of The East, in the mean time go to our CrossFit Events page to find more events like this in CT

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