2015 Eversource Hartford Marathon

    Yesterday  was the 22nd year for the Hartford Marathon, sponsored by Eversource.  It was a huge and by every account very successful event.  The Hartford Marathon foundation puts on about 30 events per year and this is their biggest one.  The Hartford marathon was started in 1994 and has grown to be part of the culture here in CT.  They ensure a race for everyone.  Besides the marathon- 26.2 miles, there is the half marathon,  5K, kids run, and team relay.  So everyone who wants to take part can find a place.  
    Leading up to the race is the packet pick up and two day fitness expo, held in the XL Center.  Just walking into the expo you got a sense on how the event is handled.  Everything is top notch from the light effects to the flat screen TV’s showing previous races.  That level of attention to detail was shown throughout the weekend.  A sold out XL Center holds 16,294 people- this give you an idea on how many people were involved in the race.  There were 14,000 registed runners over 5 events.  The largest of events was the
    Half Marathon- 13.1 miles  Congratulations to Harbert Okuti from New Paltz, NY who was the first male to cross the line with a time of 1:05:32 and to Sarah Hutchings  from Boulder CO who was the first female to cross the line with a time of 1:17:09.  
5K- Congratulations to Brian Bierkert from North Stonington CT.  Brian was the first male to cross the finish line with a time of 15:01 and to Maggie Callahen also from Boulder CO.  Maggie was the first female to cross with a  time of 17:26
Team Relay- Team Relentless won the full marathon relay with a time of 3:14:27.  
Marathon- Congrats to CT’s own Jonas Hampton.  Jonas is a former runner for the University of Hartford and after this race he is now qualified to go try out for the US Olympic team.  This was Jonas’s first marathon and he nearly broke the record of 2:15:35 with a time of 2:15:58.  Great job Jonas…USA!!!! Congrats as well to Erica Jessman from Scarborough ME with a time of 2:41:41.  Erica is a four time winner.  She is the first triple winner with three consecutive wins.  Erica is also qualified now to try out for the Olympic tean…Go Erica…USA!!! To see all the results go to Hartford Marathon

    These events always bring out amazing people with moving stories.  The hard work and sacrifice that goes into these events from the race management, 2000 volunteers, and all the people who compete.  If you haven’t been to an event like this it is a must do.  For me, I got to watch my brother Mike and his friend Joe run the marathon.  They have been featured on the new before for running other races together.  Joe is unable to walk or run and Mike pushes him in a specially designed race chair.  This year they did the full marathon, 26.2 miles with a time under 3:30:00, that's under 8:00 miles for 26.2 miles! ...Yes I'm proud of them!
    Good job to everyone who came out and helped make this so successful!

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