Here in CT we are one of just a handful of states where you can ski in the winter and surf in the summer (you can reverse them but I wouldn’t recommend it).  We have so much to offer those who are looking for a healthy and active lifestyle. Countless events from walks to marathons, mud runs and obstacle races.   We have farm to table restaurants, health food stores, and farmers markets.  
    Live Fit CT is all about healthy, local food events and business.
    We list restaurants that serve healthy, organic, high quality foods and/or foods that are locally sourced.  
    We list events like runs/mud runs, etc because training for them and competing in them is a great way to set goals and test yourself.  They also promote working out with other people as you usually compete in an event with a friend or group of friends.  
    We list businesses like fitness studios, local farms, and stores because they are contributing to the health and economy of our state. 
    It’s our mission to elevate the health and fitness of our community and to partner with those people who are making a difference.  We are dedicated to helping people find those resources and “Live Fit CT!”
Keith D’Amora  NASM-CPT, CES
    I have always lived here in Connecticut and call it my home.  I am proud to say I know so many wonderful people here and it is my desire to have a positive impact on our community.  
    I have personally seen the benefits of healthy eating and an active lifestyle in my own life as well as clients and friends.  I am naturally an encourager and want everyone to experience those benefits for themselves.  
    Currently I am doing the majority of writing for Live Fit CT as well as connecting with those who are looking to promote what they are doing.  

Buy Local, Eat Healthy, 
Live Fit CT!