Live Fit Connecticut Mud: Run Recap

Mike and Brayden DeAngelo Dominating Mt Southington Jr. and finishing!

Mike and Brayden DeAngelo Dominating Mt Southington Jr. and finishing!

     Saturday September 3rd 2016 turned out to be a perfect day for a Mud Run.  I woke up early with a list of things to accomplish.  Worrying about the weather was not one of them. 

                Live Fit Connecticut wants to thank everyone for coming out and supporting our first event.  Going through the pictures made it all worth it to see everyone smiling and having a good time even though it was a challenging course!  We have received a ton of positive feedback and some great suggestions for things we can do to improve for next time.

                Whether you are new to Mud Runs and OCR or it’s a regular thing for you the New England Spahtens are a resource you should look into. They are a New England based OCR group.  We had some Spahtens come out Saturday and give some reviews. You can read the reviews here.

                We want to thank Mount Southington for being so helpful throughout the entire process.  They are a great local mountain and an awesome venue!

                Additional thanks to our sponsors:

                -AM Fitness
                -Central CT Massage
                -CT Inflatables
                -Mr. Tee Man
                -Dukes Mobile Detailing
                -Sundance Signs

                And a special thanks to First Mile Fitness for setting up online registration, course layout, packet pick up, and overall organization.

                We want to thank our charity partner Endurance For Veterans for the work they are doing with our veterans, a much needed service and they are from right here in CT.

                Thank you to the uniformed soldiers who came out and added some meaning to the event.  These men and women are real and work tirelessly for us everyday.  I am glad that we can remember them even at play!

                Congrats to the top finishers of the run:

                -1st Place Male: Tommy Downing             
                -2nd Place Male: Yousef Alshatti
                -3rd Place Male: John Crowe

                -1st Place Female: Cheryl Jackson
                -2nd Place Female: Kelly Rose Vanacor
                -3rd Place Female: Alecia Derynoski

                You can see all times and photos from Racewire here.

                A huge thank you to our volunteers.  We received so many compliments on how well they did.  They filled in the cracks to smooth out the event and looked great doing it. The event wouldn't have been complete without our DJ Mike Castillo from Team Cares and food from award winning trucks Spud Stud and Whey Station

                The Journal Record came out to take pictures and do a write up you can read here.


                Thank you all so much for being part of the Live Fit Connecticut community!



To see more photos of the day from our photographer Bryan Holcombe, please visit our facebook page and remember to like

Live Fit Connecticut Mud Run Update

                The Live Fit Connecticut Mud Run is just around the corner and I hope you are as excited as we are.  I believe in under promising and over delivering.  That being said, this is shaping up to be a great event!

                The beauty of OCR (obstacle course racing) and mud runs is that they are a great metephor for life.  You find yourself cruising along, and then you hit an obstacle.  Do you retreat in fear, or do you push ahead?  Like life, some obstacles are harder than others.  Some  you will breeze through and some you might not be able to pass on your own.  The ones that are too much for you will require you to get better, stronger, and more efficient.  One difference is that in an OCR when you find yourself in the mud, it’s a good thing.

                Most OCR brands struggle with identity.  Is it “The toughest thing you will ever do”, “A run so intense it’s possible it will…DESTROY YOU!” or is it a team effort or a fun run for the whole family. 

                I like the metaphor for life, “It’s a challenge for you to accept:  if you want to go all out, that’s up to you, you will be challenged.  We have awards for first through third place for those who want that.  Some might just want to do it for fun and that’s cool too.  We wanted to give people an opportunity to challenge themselves physically and have fun doing it.  Afterwards, enjoy your accomplishments.

                The landing page for the Mud Run is titled “Our Mud Run”- what that means is, this is OUR event- not Live Fit CT’s, it’s yours, mine, OURS. Our Mud Run.  I encourage you to be part of the event.  Sign up and run- that would be the best way to experience it.  You could also volunteer, we could use a few more hands, always a good thing.  You can also just go and spectate, just hang out and enjoy the view.  Spectators will have a front row view of the start and finish line, the Mud pit, the 12 foot A-Frame wall, the slip and slide, the food trucks, DJ, and T-shirt giveaways.

                September 3rd, kick off your labor day weekend with us because we are going to have a blast

Register here
Volunteer info here

Buy Local, Eat Healthy,

Live Fit CT!